We are a group of people passionate about digital content who have built strong relationships over time. Acting as a collective, we want to provide a simpler way for businesses to access brilliant digital content.

Our core team has a combined experience of 15 years in marketing and content. Throughout our careers, we have worked with amazing digital creatives which we have built into a community. Knowing such brilliant Irish talent and learning the needs of businesses, encouraged the development of the Digital Collective. 


Developing your business’s voice online is important, but it can be difficult to know where to start or how to build on your digital presence. You have value to share for both current and new customers. Digital Collective are here to help you deliver that value, without the frustrations associated with launching digital marketing strategies that deliver a return on investment.

Your business
Your project leader

With the power of a collective bank of digital talent, you only have one point of contact - your project leader.


As a brand, you just talk to your project leader, and they handle the rest.

We follow a client-focused approach:


  1. Pre-project Analysis

  2. Transparent costing and proposals

  3. Complete Digital Analysis

  4. Project requirements and deliverables defined

  5. Execution by the Digital Collective

  6. Measurement and future advice

Our costs are transparent. We charge per service provided which is based on the digital experts' costs and the cost of managing the project. We do not deduct any of the freelancers' fee to join the project - so you know they are providing the best service.