Digital Collective joins I-Cubed Incubator

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Following our launch in May, Digital Collective was accepted into the I-Cubed programme, a summer incubator programme delivered by Hothouse TU Dublin. This programme has encouraged us to understand the fundamentals of starting a business, developing its potential and understanding our value proposition for customers.

One of Hothouses's focused business development programmes, I-Cubed encourages and supports TU Dublin students and recent graduates to develop their ideas into fully fledged businesses.

As a recent graduate from the MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics in February of this year, I was fortunate to qualify for the programme. Seeing the scalability opportunities of Digital Collective, we were accepted and joined in early June.

The programme is led by successful entrepreneurs Neal O' Gorman and John O'Dea with TU Dublin Hothouse Incubator Centre Manager Bernadette O'Reilly. With the programme in its third year, Neal, John and Bernadette have guided many businesses in their growth journeys.

As a new business with a first-time founder, this programme has been invaluable to us. Gaining access to world class mentors who have stood in the same shoes is invaluable. We are learning first hand the challenges they have faced, how to manage growth and develop true value for customers. There is also great value in learning from our peers, with the Greenway Hub filled with exciting businesses. We can share our problems and create solutions together.

With two more months in the programme, we expect to learn more about developing a business and how ensure we have the best offering for customers.

To learn more about I-Cubed follow this link:

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